About Me

Thank you for your interest in my work! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments about my process, my rates, or my available paintings. I specialize in both oil and acrylic paintings, and I do take commissions. Currently, I work primarily out of a public studio (Studio #345) at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA as a resident artist.

BACKGROUND: I grew up in the small, seaside town of Duxbury Massachusetts where my mother, especially, always encouraged and supported my early interest in the arts. After graduating from Villanova University, I worked in education and graphic design before choosing to pursue the path of a full-time fine artist in 2013. Now living in Emmaus, PA, I am a resident artist at The Banana Factory in nearby Bethlehem. I also serve as a commissioner for the Emmaus Arts Commission, a group that focuses on developing art events and enhancing an appreciation of the arts in my community.

For the majority of my work, I specialize in creating custom, commissioned oil paintings that offer opportunities to capture a ‘moment’ in lieu of a basic likeness. As you can tell from looking at my work, I prefer to paint a special “moment” rather than a typical portraiture. I have a special place in my heart for animals and I seem to have a knack for capturing a pet’s personality in paint.

Painting entirely by hand, I work from my home and ship to yours. I will work with you to select a photo that “will work in paint”, presuming you can email me one or two that you want me to use as reference(s). 

In 2016, I was named an Art Pop artist by Art Pop Street Gallery and The Banana Factory, and had the honor to represent emerging and professional artists from the state of Pennsylvania in the 2017 Art of the State Exhibit at The State Museum in Harrisburg.

I show my paintings in national juried shows, compete in Plein Air Festivals across Pennsylvania, and seek opportunities to use my art to help those in my community. In Emmaus, my custom mural work can be seen at Turn the Page (via a series of murals and a selection of paintings) and Lets Play Books (I painted the third floor stairwell). I sell my non-commissioned paintings online through DailyPaintworks.com.